Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting of our deliveries, allow us to understand what happens with your freight out on the road.

We can use this information to measure, interpret, and optimise our deliveries for the benefit of all stakeholders. Ultimately, it’s about understanding our operations so that we can offer more efficient services.
  • Order visibility

    Most consumers place more value on communication than the timeliness of delivery; however, it is the progress updates that are so often missing from the services that consumers are receiving.

    It is ultimately more convenient for end customers, who appreciate the ability to plan around an upcoming delivery rather than blindly wait for hours for a delivery that turns up late (or not at all).

  • Quality data

    Retailers require accurate and timely information by which they can make well-informed decisions, in the best interests of their business and their customer.

    Quality data entered into the system allows us to pull quality (and accurate) data back out. Pulling information from a single source of truth is important, as it provides an understanding and ability to improve, which is critical in any highly competitive market.