Technology is a powerful force

However, it is still yet to be fully applied and integrated into the transportation sector around the world.

Technology alone will not solve all of the industry’s challenges, certainly not without the overlay of an innovative distribution model, which is well thought out and provides consideration for the challenges and landscape within which drivers must operate every day.
  • The issue

    Manual & paper-based processes within the transport sector come at the cost of time and money. This cost is passed on to retailers and consumers.

    The future of supply chain logistics will be shaped by those who create the leanest, most efficient, and ultimately the most effective supply chains.

  • The idea

    We believe that purpose-built technology can help support new and innovative distribution models.

    These models will be executed by knowledgeable drivers who understand both the product and the customer, whilst supported by technology that streamlines workflows.

  • What we do

    OnSend have committed drivers, supported by innovative technology that streamlines workflows and many tasks out on the road.

    As a result, we’re able to provide consistent, convenient, and visible delivery services to the market.